Its Been Swell

Thanks for a wonderful 10 years!

Revolve has been honored to be your social gathering hub as a forum, file host and networking tool. However, The time has come for this domain to close its doors. Thanks to everyone that made it amazing and memorable.

In the time Revolve has been online with this webhost (Approx 2011 to March 2016), We have Served:
5.65TB of Bandwidth
Hosted 930GB of files
140 different IP Addresses of unique re-occurring visitors.

Though this domain may be put to rest, Revolve is far from dead. If you'd like to continue to network with your Revolve friends and staff, We encourage you to request permission to the Revolve sub reddit.

Stay in touch

With love,
DrRaccoon / Cbdman / Jaticus.

What was Revolve?

Revolve was a website community that was a social grounds for several people spanning from New Hampshire to England to collaborate and chat. Everything ranging from comics, general discussion, gaming nights, etc.

Revolve started in 2003 as a forum hosted on a "Microsoft Front-Page" template and a very primitive message board system that used .txt files as its database. This website wasn't completely serious at the time and started off under the alias, "Stealth Studios". This website was hosted beneath a Comcast domain name (

In around 2006, "Stealth Studios" was getting a bit more serious and pulling in website traffic in more areas than just the local area of New Hampshire. It was roughly around this time that the decision to rename the website to "Revolve" was made. It was also around this time that some dedicated servers for various games were hosted, starting with "Starsiege Tribes" running popular mod, Shifter at the time. The shift from Microsoft Front Page to Proboards was also, made with the creation of "".

Starting in early 2009, It was decided that a more serious approach was needed for Revolve, and thus the domain name "" was purchased (and shortly after, Proboards was ditched (Shortly after all threads we're accidentally purged and deleted by a moderator) and the website was ran with phpBB forum software. phpBB allowed for much more flexibility and faster response times. It also allowed for regular backups of server information and forum topics.

Things started to slow down for Revolve. The community was strong with the creation of games with GameMaker, and mapping with Source SDK Hammer editor. The forums saw a decline in active members as most of their userbase was getting more involved with college. The website decreased from 18 regular members to a mere 5.

Around the time of late 2012, the Revolve uploader was born. Creating a easy and hassle free place for Revolve members to upload files and share publicly (As an alternative to upload-points being taken offline and imageshack being garbage).

The forums became extremely dead and the site dropped to roughly 0 - 6 posts a month. Around 2015, user Cbdman pitched the idea of using Reddit as an alternative to staying in touch with what little userbase remained on the website. To avoid outside users of the community from posting and reading posts, the subreddit was made private. The phpBB forum was taken offline and archived.

Finally, coming to mid 2016, The decision was made to completely retire "" domain name as the site had no purpose anymore. Upload services such as Dropbox and Google Drive replaced the need for uploader and reddit replaced the need of the forums. At 6:00am on April 24th 2016, the site was completely taken offline and replaced with this landing page.

Saved for Nostalgic purposes

Revolve Song by Jaticus:

Shawn McHenry Song by Jaticus:

Honorable Mentions

I'd like to take a moment to mention our most active members of Revolve within its lifespan:

  • Akashe
  • Akaski
  • CaptainAhab
  • Cbdman25
  • DrRaccoon
  • Elias
  • Jaticus

Also a thank you to Revolve donors:

  • CaptainAhab (Monetary Donations)
  • Cbdman25 (Monetary Donations)
  • DrRaccoon (Monetary Donation)
  • Elias (Webpage Creation)
  • Jaticus (Monetary Donations)
  • Kium (Webpage Creation)
  • Tommy (Polo Database)

Revolve Uploader (File Host): Offline

As of March 1, 2016, The "Revolve Uploader" has been taken offline. All files have been backed up to a external harddrive and files on the webhost have been deleted. If you urgently require a file from the uploader archive, Contact DrRaccoon.